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Ethics of scientific publications

Authors should give authentic results of the done work and objective discussion of the importance of research. The data underlying work should be presented unmistakably. False or obviously erroneous statements are perceived as unethical behaviour and are unacceptable.

The raw data concerning the manuscript can be requested of authors, for reviewing. Authors should be ready to give open access to such information if it is realizable, and in any case to be ready to keep this data during the adequate period of time after the publication.

Authors should make sure that presented work is original completely and in case of use of works or statements of other authors should give corresponding bibliographic references or endurances. Plagiarism in all forms represents unethical actions and is unacceptable.

The author should not publish the manuscript generally devoted to the same research, more than in one magazine as the original publication. Representation of the same manuscript simultaneously more than in one magazine is perceived as unethical behaviour and is unacceptable.

It is necessary to recognise the contribution of other persons always. Authors should refer to publications which matter for performance of the presented work. The data received privately, for example, during conversation, should not be used or presented without the clear written permission of the primary source. The information received from confidential sources, such as estimation of manuscripts or granting, should not be used without the accurate written permission of authors of the work concerning confidential sources.

As authors of the publication can act only persons who have brought the considerable contribution to formation of a plan of work, working out, execution or interpretation of the presented research. All those who has brought the considerable contribution, should be designated as co-authors. When participants of research have brought the essential contribution in a certain direction in the research project, they should be specified as the persons who have brought the considerable contribution to given research.

The author should make sure that all participants who have brought the essential contribution to research, are presented as co-authors and those who did not participate in research are not pointed out as co-authors that all co-authors saw and have approved the definitive version of manuscript and have agreed with its representation to the publication.