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Order of reviewing

Order of reviewing of the scientific articles which have arrived in editorial board
Of Scientific Journal «Agrarian science of Euro-North-East»

 1. Manuscripts of scientific articles are registered by the responsible secretary of editorial board. The manuscripts which are not meeting accepted requirements to publication are not registered and are not supposed to the further consideration on what authors are notified.

2. The responsible secretary directs the registered manuscripts to the concrete reviewer (reviewers) having a scientific degree of the doctor or the candidate of sciences according to speciality (specialities) of the presented work.

3. Articles of following authors are printed without reviewing (at conformity to requirements to the publication):
- Members of the Russian Academy  Sciences (academicians and corresponding member);
- Articles recommended to the publication by presidium of SVRNC (General meeting reports, the scientific reports heard at session of presidium of SVRNC and recommended to publication, issued in the form of articles).

4. Reviewing of manuscript is carried out confidentially. Names of reviewers do not revealed.

5. Requirements to the peer review. In peer review it is necessary to reflect conformity of the maintenance of the manuscript its title; urgency of work, its scientific novelty and the practical importance; validity of conclusions and offers, positive sides and manuscript's lacks (with instructions where and what corrections should be brought by author). The peer review should be finished by accurate conclusions ("recommend to publication", "must be re-write", "consider publication inexpedient"). The signature of the reviewer is assured by the press of the organization where he works, and date is put. The printing and electronic variant of the peer review is transferred to the responsible secretary of the Journal.

6. Reviewing terms are defined by the responsible secretary of editorial board taking into account planned terms of the Journal issue.

7. Reviewing is carried out on public principles.

8. An order of informing of author* about results of peer reviewing.

8.1. In a case of rejection of manuscript the responsible secretary of editorial board directs motivated refusal to the author. Articles are not supposed to publication by following reasons:
·   Discrepancy to Journal's profile and to accepted requirements to publications;
·   Absence of re-writed variant of the manuscript finished according to remarks (or the given reason refutation of remarks);
·   Poor quality of the scientific article (including an information lack according to the standard structure of the scientific article, absence of the statistical analysis of the experimental data, insufficient validity of conclusions the experimental and literary data), the repeated publication of scientific researches;
·   Infringement of someone's copyrights or the standard norms of scientific ethics.

8.2. At negative peer review reception the responsible secretary of editorial board directs a copy of the review to author with the offer to finish article according to remarks of the reviewer or to give their reason refutation.

9. The author should return a modifed variant of article into editorial board not later than in 2 weeks after reception of remarks. In a case of unreturning of manuscripts to editorial board after this term or necessity of more than two completions the initial date of its registration is cancelled and day of reception of a definitive variant of article is considered as receipt date.

Articles modifed (processed) by the author repeatedly go on peer reviewing.

10. At the positive review the manuscript is transferred to the editor-in-chief (or the deputy editor) for the statement. In case of need the decision on expediency of the publication after reviewing is accepted by an editorial board as a whole.

11. The manuscript confirmed to the publication goes to the technical editor. The small corrections of stylistic, nomenclature or formal character which are not influencing the maintenance of article are brought by the technical editor without coordination with the author. Edited manuscripts come back to the author for approval if necessary.

12. The order of the publication is established by date of the statement by the editor-in-chief (the deputy editor) or an editorial board.

Next articles are published out of turn:
·   Articles recognized by editorial board as priority and highly important;
·   Articles of official peer reviewers of the Journal on representation of editorial board (no more than two per year);
·   Articles demanding the prompt publication for the reasons, infringing on interests of authors and recognized by editorial board as worthy (if process of preparation of the manuscript does not demand essential completion by authors).

13. Editorial board obligatorily renders reviews not only to authors of manuscripts, but also by inquiries of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and/or the Higher certifying commission at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

14. Reviewers as well as employees of editorial board have no right to use the information on the maintenance of work before its publication in own interests. Manuscripts are a private property of authors and concern the data which are not subject to disclosure.

15. The manuscripts accepted to publication and rejected, are stored (together with peer reviews) in editorial archive within three calendar years. Manuscripts do not come back to authors.

 *In a case of collective of authors - to the first author in the list