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Bakoev N.F.

associate researcher

Organisation: Federal Science Center for Animal Husbandry named alter Academy Member L.K. Ernst, Dubrovitsy settlement, Moscow region, Russian Federation


2018 год

№5 (66)

Kolosova M.A., Getmantseva L.V., Bakoev N.F., Kolosov A.Yu..
Mitochondrial DNA tRNALeu and tRNASer polymorphism in different pig breeds
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2017 год

№5 (60)

Shirokova N.V., Getmantseva L.V., Kolosov Yu.А., Bakoev N.F., Deniskova Т.Е., Bakoev S.Yu., Volkova V.V., Romanets T.S..
Polymorphism of microsatellite loci OarCP549, CSRD247, FCB20 and MAF65 in sheep (pp. 57-62)