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Blokhin A.A.

PhD in Veterinary sciences, leading researcher, Head of the Laboratory of the Department of epizootology and risk assessment associated with animal health

Organisation: Nizhny Novgorod Research Veterinary Institute – Branch of Federal Research Center for Virology and Microbiology, Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation


2018 год

№5 (66)

Burova O.A., Blokhin A.A., Zakharova O.I., Yashin I.V., Liskova E.A., Gladkova N.A..
Vectors of vector-borne viral diseases of animals (review)
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№3 (64)

Zakharova O.I., Liskova E.A., Mikhaleva T.V., Blokhin A.A..
Antibiotic resistance: evolutionary prerequisites, mechanisms, consequences
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2017 год

№3 (58)

Blokhin A.A., Burova O.A., Liskova E.A..
Pathologicoanatomic changes in calves at sepsis caused by rhodococci (pp. 55-58)

№2 (57)

Burova O.A., Blokhin A.A..
Systematic approach to the development of methods of prevention of gastro-intestinal diseases in newborn calves (pp. 46-50)

2016 year

№2 (51)

Isaev V.V., Burova O.A., Blokhin A.A..
Study of the effectiveness of a new humic preparation “Furor” at correction of immuno-deficiencies in newborn calves (pp. 48-53)

2014 year

№ 4 (41)

Burova O.A., Isaev V.V., Blokhin A.A..
Endogenic intoxication index as a prophylaxis rate at gastrointestinal diseases in newborn calves (pp. 34-38)

№ 3 (40)

Burova O.A., Blokhin A.A., Isaev V.V..
Prevention of gastrointestinal diseases of calves with application of biologically active substances (pp. 36-39)

2013 year

№ 6 (37)

Blokhin A.A., Molev A.I..
Clinical and morphological manifestation of cattle virus diarrhea in newborn calves

№ 4 (35)

Blokhin A.A., Burova O.A., Isaev V.V., Khrisanfova T.D., Korobova O.V..
Effect of preparation «Baikal EM1» on immunobiochemical indices of blood and productivity of milk cows

2012 year

№ 6 (31)

Blokhin A.A., Isaev V.V., Molev A.I..
Epizootological aspects of prevention of mass mastitis of lasting cows

2011 year

№ 4 (23)

Isaev V.V., Blokhin A.A., Khrisanfova T.D., Korobova O.V..
Complex system of actions on preventive maintenance of gastro-intestinal diseases in calves