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Gur'yanov A.M.

DSc in Agriculture, professor, director

Organisation: Mordovia Research Agricultural Institute – Branch of Federal Agrarian Research Center of the North-East named N.V.Rudnitsky, r.p.. Yalga, Saransk, Republic of Mordovia, Russian Federation


2018 год

№6 (67)

Artem'ev A.A., Gur'yanov A.M..
The effect of mineral fertilizer use technology on crop rotation weediness
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№5 (66)

Gur'yanov A.M., Artem'ev A.A..
Estimation of agrocoenosis for weediness and efficiency of differentiated use of herbicides in crop rotation
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2016 year

№3 (52)

Vel'matov A.P., Gur'yanov A.M., Malkin М.N., Tishkina T.N., Vel'matov A.A..
Dairy efficiency and technological properties of red-and-white cows of povolzh'e type (pp. 50-56)

2014 year

№ 5 (42)

Vel'matov A.P., Gur'yanov A.M., Vel'matov A.A., Neyaskin N.N., Tishkina T.N..
The effectiveness of use of red-and-white Holstein bulls of European selection at breeding of Volga-type red-and-white cattle (pp. 52-58)

№ 3 (40)

Yunaev А.P., Fedin А.S., Gur'yanov A.M., Gayirbegov D.Sh..
Magnesium carbonate in the diets of young hens (pp. 50-53)

2013 year

№ 5 (36)

Vel'matov A.P., Gur'yanov A.M., Lukonina О.N., Vel'matov A.A., Neyaskin N.N..
Milk yield and technological properties of cows of red-and-white breed of Volga type

№ 2 (33)

Gur'yanov A.M., Artem'ev A.A., Moiseev A.A..
The experience of studying of influence of electro-physical factors on grain yield of cereal crops

2012 year

№ 5 (30)

Kistina А.A., Prytkov Y.N., Rod'kin I.I., Gur'yanov A.M..
The influence of selenium-contained addition in rations on metabolism and activity of growth of calves

№ 4 (29)

Andreev A.I., Chikunova V.I., Gur'yanov A.M..
Dairy cows blood parameters at using of different kinds of silage in diets

2011 year

№ 6 (25)

Vel'matov A.P., Vel'matov A.A., Gur'yanov A.M., Andreev O.D..
Amino acid composition of milk of daughter-cows of Holstein bulls of Holland selection

№ 5 (24)

Kizhaev M.F., Krisanov A.F., Gorbacheva N.N., Gur'yanov A.M., Shchegarina M.V..
Some aspects of the same all-year cows’ feeding

№ 1 (20)

Kistina А.A., Kuleshov V.E., Alukaev M.P., Prytkov Y.N., Gur'yanov A.M..
The effectiveness of application of selenium containing preparations in feeding of xoung bulls