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Kapsamun A.D.

DSc in agriculture, leading researcher, Head of the Department of Fodder Production

Organisation: Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution All-Russian Research Institute of Reclaimed Lands, Settlement Emmaus, Tver Region, Russian Federation


2018 год

№3 (64)

Ivanova N.N., Kapsamun A.D., Pavlyuchik E.N., Ambrosimova N.N..
Formation of the production process of pasture stands on drained soils, depending on their species composition
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2017 год

№4 (59)

Kapsamun A.D., Ivanov D.A., Kovalev N.G., Degtyarev V.P., Pavlyuchik E.N., Ivanova N.N., Yuldashev K.S..
Elements of lead metabolism in the body of dairy cows (pp. 63-67)