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Kozlova L.M.

Organisation: Federal Agricultural Research Center of the North-East named N.V.Rudnitsky, Kirov, Russia


2018 год

№2 (63)

Popov F.A., Kozlova L.M., Noskova E.N..
Improving of oat cultivation technology under conditions of Kirov region
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2017 год

№5 (60)

Kozlova L.M., Denisova A.V., Lyskova I.V., Zhuk S.N..
Evaluation of technological and bakery properties of winter rye in dependence on predecessor in adaptive-landscape crop farming (pp. 33-39)

№3 (58)

Kozlova L.M., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N., Ivanov V.L..
Improved resource-saving technology of soil cultivation and use of bio-preparations for spring cereals crops under conditions of central zone of North-East of European part of Russia (pp. 43-48)

2016 year

№5 (54)

Kozlova L.M., Rubtsova N.E., Soboleva N.N..
Experience of design and approaches to improving adaptive farming systems on the landscape basis in the Central zone of the North-Eastern region of the European part of Russian Federation (pp. 56-62)

2015 yaer

№6 (49)

Kozlova L.M., Rubtsova N.E., Soboleva N.N..
Transformation of organic matter of sod-podzolic soils in Euro-North-East (pp. 47-53)

2014 year

№ 5 (42)

Kozlova L.M., Denisova A.V..
Catch crops in field crop rotations of Kirov region (pp. 33-37)

№ 4 (41)

Demshin S.L., Cheremisinov D.A., Kozlova L.M., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N..
Working out of the combined soil-cultivating unit and estimation of efficiency of its use (pp. 57-61)

№ 2 (39)

Kozlova L.M..
Working out of field crop rotations at various levels of intensification of agriculture in Kirov region (pp. 30-34)

2013 year

№ 2 (33)

Andreev V.L., Kozlova L.M., Demshin S.L., Popov F.A..
Modernizing of plough for mold soil treatment and its use at spring wheat cultivation

№ 1 (32)

Cheremisinov D.A., Noskova E.N., Demshin S.L., Kozlova L.M..
The estimation of efficiency of use of the combined unit for pre-sowing soil cultivation and crop

2012 year

№ 2 (27)

Noskova E.N., Kozlova L.M..
Influence of interaction of ways of pre-sowing processing of soil, of bio-preparation Baikal EM1 and of micro-fertilizer Aquadon-Micro on phytosanitary condition of spring wheat crops and its productivity