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Lyskova I.V.

PhD in Agriculture, senior researcher

Organisation: Falenki breeding station – branch of Federal Agricultural Research Center of the North-East named N.V.Rudnitsky, s. Falenki, Kirov region, Russian Federation


2018 год

№3 (64)

Sergeeva Z.F., Sintsova N.F., Lyskova I.V., Lyskova T.V..
Estimating the potato varieties by productivity and biochemical parameters under conditions of Kirov region
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Koshcheeva N.S., Batalova G.A., Lyskova I.V., Kraeva S.N..
Results of study of long-fiber flax’s collection material by the parameters of economically valuable traits
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2017 год

№6 (61)

Lyskova I.V..
Influence of mineral fertilizers on fertility of sod-podzolic soil, productivity and quality of grain crops (pp. 35-40)

№5 (60)

Kozlova L.M., Denisova A.V., Lyskova I.V., Zhuk S.N..
Evaluation of technological and bakery properties of winter rye in dependence on predecessor in adaptive-landscape crop farming (pp. 33-39)

2016 year

№5 (54)

Koshcheeva N.S., Lyskova I.V., Kraeva S.N..
Influence of agro-meteo-conditions on main economically valuable parameters in long-fibred flax (pp. 26-30)

№3 (52)

Sergeeva Z.F., Sintsova N.F., Merkusheva M. Yu., Lyskova I.V..
New potato variety Virazh with resistance to golden potato nematode (pp. 15-18)

2015 yaer

№6 (49)

Koshcheeva N.S., Gradoboeva T.P., Lyskova I.V..
Perspective varieties of long-fibred flax bred in Falenki Plant-Breeding Station (pp. 19-23)

№5 (48)

Gradoboeva T.P., Pislegina S.S., Lyskova I.V..
Grain-mowing peas Vita (pp. 15-19)

№2 (45)

Lyskova I.V., Rylova O.N., Veselkova N.A., Lyskova T.V..
Influence of mineral fertilizers and lime on agrochemical parameters and phosphorus regimes of medium-loamy sod-podzolic soil (pp. 27-32)

2014 year

№ 4 (41)

Sergeeva Z.F., Sintsova N.F., Lyskova I.V..
New potato variety Golubka (pp. 18-21)

№ 3 (40)

Lyskova I.V., Shlyakhtina E.A., Rylova O.N..
Influence of alpha amylase activity on baking qualities of winter rye (pp. 15-18)

2013 year

№ 4 (35)

Koshcheeva N.S., Lyskova I.V..
New variety of long-fibred flax Sinel

2012 year

№ 5 (30)

Koshcheeva N.S., Lyskova I.V..
Results of study of gene pool of long-fibred flax on Falenki Plant-Breeding Station

2011 year

№ 6 (25)

Sintsova N.F., Lyskova I.V., Sergeeva Z.F..
Perspective directions of selection of potato on Falenki Plant-Breeding Station

№ 5 (24)

Lyskova I.V., Makarova Ya.V..
Efficiency of action and aftereffect of phosphoric fertilizers on sod-podzolic loamy soil under different acidity degree