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Plenkina G.A.

PhD, head of laboratory, scientific secretary of section of breeding, seed growing and biotechnology

Organisation: North-East Agricultural Research Institute, Kirov, Russia, North-East Regional Scientific Center, Kirov, Russia


2016 year

№4 (53)

Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V., Sofronov A.P..
Productivity of non-traditional horticultural crops in Kirov region (pp. 26-32)
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2015 yaer

№6 (49)

Plenkina G.A., Rusinov A.A..
Influence of terms of propagation and varietal features on the rooting of green cuttings of plum (pp. 34-37)
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№5 (48)

Plenkina G.A., Saltykova T.I..
Use of genetic variability of forms of black currant in breeding on complex resistance to currant bud tick (Cecidophyоpsis ribis Westw.) and to American powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca mors uvae (Schw. Berk)) in Kirov region (pp. 39-45)
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№2 (45)

Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V..
Studying of varieties of a sweet-berry honeysuckle bred in N.I. Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry under conditions of Kirov region (pp. 21-26)
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№1 (44)

Sofronov A.P., Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V..
Drought resistance of European hazel under conditions of Kirov region (pp. 9-13)
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2014 year

№ 2 (39)

Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V., Rusinov A.A..
Results of plum-tree variety test in Kirov region (pp. 14-19)
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2013 year

№ 3 (34)

Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V..
History and current state of horticulture of the Kirov region
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Plenkina G.A., Rusinov A.A., Firsova S.V..
Study of influence of some elements of technology on implanting ability of green cuttings of cherry under conditions of Kirov region
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