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Agricultural Science Euro-North-East

The Journal’s mission consists in support the development of agrarian science by the way of creation of united space of scientific communication for different categories of researchers for decision of priority problems of Agro-Industrial Complex in regional, federal, and international levels on the basis of branch and interdisciplinary knowledge.
Aim of the Journal – publication and distribution of results of fundamental and applied researches of domestic and foreign scientists on priority problems of scientific supply of agro-industrial complex, timely information about newly achievements of domestic and world science in the area of agriculture.
Journal objectives:
 Increasing of quality level of the edition (including organization of open scientific polemic; increasing of the lobe of analytical scientific reviews; solicitation for cooperation of leading domestic and foreign scientists as authors and reviewers);
• Involvement of young researchers into professional community;
• Widening of channels for distribution of Journal and scientific knowledge; promoting of brand of single scientist within limits of world scientific space;
• Integration into international scientific space (including indexing in foreign Databases), stage-by-stage creation of new model of Journal meet standard of international periodics (including granting open access to articles, additional publishing of the better articles in English);
• Improving soft supply for issue of web publishing.
Target audience – scientists, university professors, graduate students, postdoctoral, masters, specialists of agro-industrial complex from Russia, countries of CIS and far-abroad countries.


Federal Agricultural Research Center of the North-East named N.V.Rudnitsky.


Sysuev Vasily Alekseevich, Dr. Sci. Tech., the professor, academician of RAS.

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